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Australasian Medical and Therapeutic Instruments

This website contains our most popular products. If you need to measure objectively any aspect of human performance but don't see the product you are interested in on our website, please contact us for a quote.

Benefits To You From Objective ROM and Strength Measurements:

  • Guess work is taken out of your assessments
  • Encourages your clients with accurate feedback
  • Makes it possible to meet Quality Assurance guidelines in terms of objectivity
  • Makes your medico-legal reports impressive and credible. Spinal ROM measurements with an inclinometer became mandatory in the USA several years ago
  • Allows you to do credible scientific studies of your treatments effects
  • Impresses your clients with accurate assessments
  • Previously impossible or difficult measurements are now quick and easy, eg.: pure lumbar spine flexion, pronation and supination, inversion and eversion

Eyeballing is Out

Australasian Medical and Therapeutic Instruments Pty Ltd provides accurate alternatives to old fashioned methods of measurement. There is no longer any excuse to eyeball angles as eyeballing has been shown to be extremely unreliable. As an example, 8 therapists were asked to measure the ankle angle of 10o plantarflexion in a patient, the results showed that values ranged from 2o plantarflexion to 15o dorsiflexion – obviously this variation was not satisfactory. Eyeballing is not accurate, furthermore it fails to impress. We have the answer to this problem!