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Echo wireless Grip Strength Dynamometer

Echo wireless Grip strenth dynamometer

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The JTech Commander Grip strength dynamometer system, is one of the most affordable and user friendly digital grip strength digitial dynamometers available in Australia. It provides fast, efficient isometric grip strength testing without a computer. The standard grip gauge assures compatibility with published protocols, such as the 5-position grip and rapid exchange grip (REG) tests, and published normative values. Commander Grip is an outstanding hand strength assessment tool for identifying deficits due to injury or disease and determining voluntary maximal effort participation in FCE's and medicolegal examinations.

Commander Grip strength dynamometer is the fastest, most versatile portable grip testing system for hand strength and maximal effort evaluations.

Commander Grip Features

  • Standard Grip strength dynamometer gauge compatible with peer-reviewed, published normative data for Australia and other countries
  • Built-in protocols for 5-position test with up to four repetitions per side
  • Special rapid exchange grip (REG) tests protocol with eight repetitions per side
  • Records and displays data for up to 25 tests
  • Displays bilateral deficits for easy side-to-side comparison
  • Calculates coefficient of variation (CV) for consistency determination
  • Downloader software available for importing data into a computer
  • Optional accessory: Grip Stand (9AC010)  – The Grip Stand holds the grip securely in a vertical position for testing

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