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IsoTrack Pro

Advanced Isometric Muscle Testing Multi-Vector Alignment System


Static Strength Testing at its best

• IsoTrack Pro fits comfortably in a 1.22 m(W) x 4.4 m(L) x 4.4 m(H) area.
• All adjustments are indexed for accurate documentation.
• Optional Integrated seat adjusts while patient sits, supports them during tests,
and moves out of the way for wheelchairs and lift tests.
• Platform grid facilities documentation of foot or wheelchair placement.
• Perfect for isometric muscle testing of clients in wheelchairs
• Removable bidirectional load cell automatically measures push and pull forces.
• Load cell “locks” in place or “floats” freely to eliminate deflection errors.
• MVA provides flexibility to create almost any custom testing position needed
for unlimited custom testing possibilities

IsoTrack Pro Does More For Your Practice

IsoTrack from JTECH Medical is the advanced solution for clinicians who demand
greater accuracy, repeatability and versatility from their muscle testing and strength
assessment equipment. IsoTrack Pro combines industry-leading Tracker Software with
revolutionary hardware to objectively measure and document muscle function, motor
deficits, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) static lifting,
push/pull strength, and any static functional position or isometric strength test you can
imagine. The IsoTrack Pro package includes built in Static Strength testing, Muscle
testing, Custom test building, and our built in exclusive Multimedia Help.




 IsoTrack is perfect for:

• Musculoskeletal and neuromuscular evaluations
• Documentation of motor deficits
• Functional capacity evaluations (FCE)
• Return-to-work assessments
• Activities of daily living (ADL) assessments
• Medico-legal impairment evaluations
• Post-Offer (P-O) screening
• Employee baselines in industrial medicine
• Progress tracking of treatment and rehabilitation
• Athletic and sports medicine quality of effort determinations
• Document patient progress with History Charts and Progress Reports
• Integrates seamlessly with other Tracker modules
• Unlimited custom testing possibilities
• Removable wireless Static Force Gauge for more testing possibilities

IsoTrack Pro Static Position Testing

Multi-Vector Alignment and custom testing make IsoTrack Pro the ideal system capable
of testing unlimited static functional positions. This innovative concept gives you an edge
in industrial medicine, rehabilitation and sports medicine. You can use functional position
tests to evaluate the patient’s ability to perform job tasks and activities of daily living,
identify areas of weakness affecting athletic performance, and document strength gains
from treatment and rehabilitation.

• Create unique tests - standing or sitting - that reflect the task
• Tests can be based on push or pull movements
• Evaluate gross muscle strength or individual muscles
• Document test setup criteria for easy repeatable testing or for use
with other patients


 IsoTrack Pro for NIOSH and Static Strength Evaluations

IsoTrack Pro Software reduces your workload. It is easy to operate, and helpful voice
prompts lead you and technicians through tests, while the software automatically collects
data and calculates statistics.
IsoTrack Pro Software puts all the information you need for diagnosis, patient education,
outcomes assessment and third party payers right at your finger tips. Software includes
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) lift and push/pull protocols
MVA System improves patient alignment and accuracy.

• Generates dynamic lift predictions from static tests
• Compares NIOSH tests to established normative values
• View real-time force curves, with side-to-side comparison for bilateral tests
• Use standard tests or create any custom test you can imagine
• Get “on-board” assistance with JTECH’S exclusive Multimedia Educational System
• Document patient progress with History Charts and Progress Reports
• Pre-arrange tests in any order and the software will walk you through the sequence
• Universal settings are pre-programmed and patient-specific settings are saved



IsoTrack Pro Advantages for Isometric Muscle Testing:
Enhanced Repeatability

• Provides data for establishing diagnoses and treatment
• Tracks outcomes from treatment and rehabilitation
• Includes more than 50 built-in muscle testing protocols
• True Isometric muscle testing, offers greater objectivity than traditional muscle testing
• Greater isolation of the muscle being tested
• Create any custom test you need for unlimited custom muscle testing possibilities
• Eliminates stress and fatigue on the examiner
• Flexible testing, means you can arrange the tests in any order desired



IsoTrack Pro Creates Effective, Professional Reports

• IsoTrack Pro generates professional reports that effectively communicate findings to
patients, referrals and third-party payers.
• Narrative Writer module creates narrative reports, including charts and graphs, with
point-and-click simplicity.
• Reports feature real-time force curves, test results, and statistics.
• History reports colorfully graph patient progress from multiple test dates
Quality reports save you valuable time and aid in quick, well-informed decision making.
Tracker Version 5 reports give you the flexibility to create comprehensive narrative
reports and summary worksheets with charts and graphs that are easy to read at a

Customised Reporting Made Easy

Creating custom reports is simple and you can save the order of any report as a
template for repeated use. Recall your report template any time with just a few
clicks and customise it on the fly when you need to. It’s a great way to standardise
your clinic’s reports and meet the reporting requirements of referrals. Reports can
be generated at the conclusion of your exam so you can quickly review them and
even send them with the patient.

Automatic Progress Tracking

We understand how vital demonstrating progress and outcomes is in today’s
health care environment. Tracker Version 5 provides a variety of ways to show
progress to doctors, patients, third party guarantors such as WorkCover, and other
• Progress graphs in all objective testing screens
• Analyse Data screens for reviewing progress and associated statistics
• Progress reports with bar graphs
• Progress report tables showing recent and overall changes



Revolutionary Multi-Vector Alignment and Hardware

IsoTrack Pro’s innovative platform, load cell and Multi-Vector Alignment (MVA) System,
make it the most versatile and accurate isometric strength evaluation system ever
created. With IsoTrack Pro’s MVA System you can precisely align the load cell with the
joint’s motion and direction of force to increase accuracy, repeatability and reduce joint
stress for the patient. The load cell arm and the optional seat each move independently
(360 degrees) to create the correct angles for testing. Counter weighted, and indexed
assembly adjusts easily simplifying adjustments. Optional integrated seat adjusts while
patient sits, supports them during tests, and moves out of the way for wheel chairs or
lift tests.


Removable Force Gauge Becomes Hand Held Dynamometer

Isometric strength testing is becoming standard in Australian and internationaly functional
testing evaluations. The IsoTrack Pro’s removable static isometric force gauge can be used
for functional testing in post-offers, pre-employment screening, fit for duty exams, physical
capacity evaluations, functional capacity evaluations (FCE) and work hardening or work conditioning programs. The lightweight, compact gauge makes it ideal for testing in virtually any
environment, real or simulated, and helps to make evaluations fast, accurate and reliable. As
the isometric force gauge can be removed, then it now functions as one of Australia's most
portable & versatile hand held dynamometers, able to measure push and pull forces.

Advanced Wireless Technology

The IsoTrack Pro’s static force gauge uses our Tracker Freedom wireless technology
removing limitations of cable length and proximity to the testing computer allowing you to
test however and wherever you need. Since the Static Strength Gauge is wireless you
have the freedom to position the testing station anywhere within a 30 foot radius of the
computer without hauling around wires and being concerned about connections. The
versatility of the IsoTrack Pro makes it an indispensable solution for all of your strength
and lifting examination requirements.



Accessories Included with the IsoTrack Pro

1. The T-Bar is essential for doing lifting, pushing, pulling or functional tests that require
the use of two hands.


2. The D-Handles are the perfect choice for doing one-hand lifts, pulls or static position tests.


3. The D-Handle with Eye-Bolt can be used with a hook and cables for doing
one-hand lifts, pulls or static position tests.

4. The hook attachment allows you to use virtually any item for lifting or pulling tests.

5. The 4” Push Disk can be used for exerting force against flat items. The Push Disk offers
more surface area for pushing activities, and greater flexibility for various testing
applications than the Flat pad.

6. Threaded Pad Adaptor – For using pads with the Wireless Force Gauge.

7. The flat pad can be used for exerting force against flat items

8. The curved pad can be used for exerting force against items that are not completely flat.

9. The Long Bar is essential for doing lifting, pushing, pulling or functional tests that require the
use of two hands.


10. The Loop Strap can be used for isolating specific muscle groups and agonist / antagonist testing.

11. Cable set – The Cable set comes with a variety of different lengths that can be combined for
different lifting, pushing or pulling, or static strength tests.

Optional Accessories with the IsoTrack Pro
Long T-Bar – allows for wider placement between hands when performing lifting or
pulling tests.