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The Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment, a valuable complement to the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition, shows users how to reproducibly and accurately measure range of motion (ROM). It provides additional instruction, beyond the AMA Guides, of how to measure ROM in a systematic format for more accurate impairment ratings.

Use of range of motion measurements has been limited, partly due to criticism regarding limited reproducibility. But this problem can be greatly reduced with appropriate instrumentation, consistent measurement techniques, suitable warmup exercises and accurate recording of measurements. This book provides the needed instruction to limit these potential sources of variability.

This guide teaches the user in a step-by-step fashion the proper method to obtain and record ROM measurements for greater reproducibility and accuracy. Proper instrumentation and detailed warmup exercises are also described.

This guide is useful to all health professionals: physicians, physical and occupational therapists, nurses and nurse practitioners, and others who seek to understand and evaluate ROM.



Commander PowerTrack II Manual

This pdf is the complete manual for the Commander PowerTrack II Manual Muscle Tester. The 16 pages provide information about many topics, including, maintenance, battery life, calibration, and operating instructions.



Commander Echo Manual

This pdf is the complete Commander Echo a manual for all wireless Commander Echo objective evaluation tools, including the Manual Muscle Tester (MMT), Grip, Dual Inclinometers, Goniometer, Pinch Gauge, Static Force Gauge, and Algometer. The 68 pages provide a vast amount of information about many topics, including technical specifications, maintenance, battery life, battery charging, calibration, troubleshooting, and cleaning.