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thumb Pluridig

The Pluri-Dig finger goniometer has been in Australia for several decades. Designed so that the therapist can:

  • Position and operate it with only one hand; as a friction screw allows smooth movement and holds the dial steady in any position.
  • Measure distances between the finger tips as it has a 100 mm scale.
  • Measure flexion and extension of the MCP joints without changing the instruments position, as the zero setting on the dial is offset 40 degrees.

Lafayette Gollehon Extendable Goniometer - Model 01135

thumb LafayetteAs the total extended length is over 71 cm it can be laid over anatomical bony landmarks. Eyeballing of the long axis of limb segments is therefore greatly reduced.

The two scales which can be read as 0 to 180 degrees and 180 to 0 degrees simultaneously are magnified four times, so reducing reading errors.

Manufactured from robust ABS plastic and chromium plated brass so as to be highly durable. It is one of the best quality and versatile extendable goniometers available in Australia.

Total collapsed length approximately 20 cm.