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Pain: Algometers

Pain Evaluation:

Two different wireless products are available to carry out pain sensation testing in Australia: the Commander Echo Algometer and Echo Wireless Algometry. Pain senstation testing enables measurements of pain perception threshold and pain tolerance threshold. In Australia, such algometers may also be called pressure threshold meters, in which case the term pressure pain threshold and pressure pain tolerance are more descriptive. Austalian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval has been obtained (see the bottom of this page for details). Other names that Australian researchers and clinicians may use instead of algometers are pressure algesimeter which refers to their ability to measure the acuteness of pain perception.

Many clinical applications of the algometer have been documented including:

  • Evaluation of fibrositis / fibromyalgia
  • Identification of trigger points
  • Quantification of joint tenderness
  • Evaluation of idiopathic abdominal pain
  • Evaluating chronic pain and pain sensitivity
  • Evaluating the results of pain relieving modalities such as anesthetic blocks, heat, manipulation, anti-inflammatories
  • Psychological research
  • Documenting the long-term effectiveness of treatment

Because of its reliability and reproducibility, algometry is valued in Australia for objective medico-legal documentation of pain intensity. 

1) The Commander Echo Algometer

It saves you time

  • Innovative pop-in "quick connect" system makes changing tips fast and easy
  • Console stores 20 tests with up to 4 repetitions per side of Algometer readings

It helps you do more

  • Quantify joint tenderness in arthritic conditions
  • Evaluate pain sensitivity and create objective reports
  • Identify trigger points

It helps you achieve greater accuracy


  • Thin profile improves stability during tests
  • "Axis Compensation" circuitry improves results even with off center placement
  • Ergonomic shape fits comfortably in the hand and provides a secure grip
  • Console records and stores up to 20 tests of any type
  • Fine resolution that identifies small yet clinically significant changes in pressure sensitivity
  • Two pressure measurement tips (1cm2 and 0.5cm2) for applying to both large muscles and small muscles of the head and neck
  • Document effectiveness of treatment (long and short term)

The Commander Echo AlgometerThe Commander Echo Algometer


2) Echo Wireless Algometry

Introducing fast, accurate, objective pain and pressure documentation with Echo Wireless Algometry.

The Echo Wireless Algometer provides a vital new tool in Australia for: quanitfying pain and evaluating neuromuscular conditions; creating medico-legal reports; and establishing medical necessity for treatment and tracking of responsiveness to treatment.

Echo Wireless AlgometryEcho Wireless Algometry


Echo Wireless Algometry systems save time during testing by automatically collecting data from standardized, peer-reviewed test protocols. Tracker™ Version 5 Algometry software's unique visual "pacer" helps you control the rate of pressure application, so you follow established protocols and get more useful, reliable data for comparison to published norms.

The Algometry module also provides an option that allows the patient to control the end of the test using the enter switch, which helps increase objectivity and overall test reliability.

Advanced Software

Once your testing is complete, Tracker Version 5 Software gives you the ability to produce both data and narrative reports for algometry tests in an instant. For serial testing to track progress over time, Tracker Version 5 Software produces progress reports with bar graphs and text illustrating the percent of change.

Algometry Knee Record

Algometry Knee Record





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Our JTECH Medical pressure pain threshold algometers have an Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Certificate wth the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA); ARTG Identifier 289579. This certificate only applies to these algometers in Australia if they are imported by Australasian Medical & Therapeutic Instruments Pty Ltd.